by Peter H. Wendt

Since AOL pulled the plug on the hometown areas without any sort of warning some people lost all their files.
Fortunately I didn't, since I'd mistrusted them a bit right from the beginning (in 1992 or around) and used
to store all my files outside AOL. Therefore the lot of my stuff is still there - on this location.

However: The most pages haven't been updated for quite some time and probably never will.
You will find many links to external pages that don't work anymore, because the pages have gone also.
My stuff is kept here mainly for documentation purposes.

Many, many thanks to Dan Stern who notified me and who generously offered a webspace to keep the pages.

There they are:

The Chrysler Saratoga Common Technical Page (CSCT) for the A-Body Saratoga from 1989 - 1993
The More Pictures Page I originally made to satisfy Dan Sterns interest in european Chrysler lamps and various other details
My Private Homepage that migrated over from GeoCities to AOL and is now here as well. Pretty much outdated and needs work.