Data Sheet

German Authorisation Papers
Type of Body: Personal Car, closed
with Catalytic Converter
Manufacturer: Chrysler (USA) Keycode=1004
Model / Type: Saratoga Keycode=0000 for early models
Keycode=0911 for later 3.0 Liter
Keycode=0910 for later 2.5 Liter
See Note (1)
Max. Speed: pre-'91: 182 km/h
'91 and later: 196 km/h
See Note (2)
Max. Length: 4602 mm
Max. Width: 1731 mm
Max. Height: 1410 mm
Weight empty: 1330 kg
Weight max.: 1870 kg
Weight Front: 1070 kg
Weight Rear: 835 kg
Tires Size: P205/60R15 90H
- or - M+S 185/65R15 87Q on 15 x 6.0JJ, ET40 wheels
See Note (3)
Trailer w. Brakes: 1200 kg
Trailer w/o. Brakes: 450 kgSee Note (4)

Notes on German Papers

  1. Cars with 0000 in that field haven't passed a 'general or serial allowance for traffic' (Allgemeine Betriebserlaubnis) on German authorities. They have a so called 'Single Allowance' (Einzelabnahme).
    The early Saratogas sold 1989 to mid-90 were those dealer's cars originally imported from Canada and modified separately.
    From Mid-90 to the end the 3.0 LE's had the Model Keycode 0911 and were cars manufactured including all modifications.
    Keycode 0910 is used for all 2.5 litre models after mid of 1990.

  2. The Papers available from Chrysler in 1990 claimed, that the top speed were measured in 3rd gear. I don't think that this is true.
    The earlier models however had a 2.5:1 overall gear ratio, later models had a 2.3:1 gear ratio, which results in a 14 km/h higher top-speed. These Models have "TYPE H" marked speedometers.

  3. The 205 tires came on aluminum wheel 15 x 6.5J ET40, the 185-M+S tires on steel- wheels. In either case no snow-chains are allowed !

  4. The maximum trailer weight depends on a wicked formula from German authorities which includes the cars weight, the capacity and 'strength' of its braking system.
    The vertical load on a trailer-hook may not exceed 50 kg.

  5. The car is equipped with a spare tire for temporary use only. Maximum speed with that is 80 km/h.
    German regulation on spare tires say, that these temporary spares may not be used on front wheels !

  6. Unlike to German standard regulations the car has
    • No height-adjustments for the headlamps
      This has changed on the later models !
    • The hazard-flasher has green lamps in the instrument cluster instead of red ones
    • The VIN is inside the car (left, under windscreen) and right, near front hood-lock
    • The car MUST use unleaded fuel only

Remark from Maintainer

It is useless to ask german authorities about the total number of Chrysler Saratogas ever been shipped here or been brought into traffic. If you give them the 911 / 910 numbers they will (probably) find out, how many of these cars have been certified. But because the early Saratogas have a sequence of zeros instead ... they are unable to locate them in their computer. And while an unknown number of 'grey market cars' have been here and not passed serial allowance these also have zeros rather than the 91x-numbers. I know at least three cars (1 LeBaron Sedan, 2 Dodge Spirits) that came over 'grey market'-sources and not from Chrysler Germany, which have the zeros in the title.

I'm going to track this later on, too.

Last Update 09. July 1999
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