Part Numbers

Anyone interested in part numbers ? If only to find out if there were different parts used in Europe ? I will bring them to you apparently - let me have a deeper look into the workshops' bills.

Here are some numbers :

Euro Headlight left side : P/N 4576-405 *see Note 1*
Euro Headlight right side : P/N 4576-404 *see Note 1*
Euro Rearlight left side : P/N 4523-143 *see Note 2*
Euro Rearlight right side : P/N 4523-142
Euro Rearlights wiring : P/N 4450-876
Euro Licence lights wiring : P/N 4481-559 *see Note 3*
Euro (?) A-604 Gearbox : P/N X4741-743 "In case of doubt ..."
Front Brakedisks : P/N 4383-968
Front Brakepads : P/N 4383-658
Front Brake Fixing Bolts : P/N 4267-330
Rear Brakepads (Kit) : P/N 4509-374
MOPAR ATF+ Type 7176 : P/N 4467-721 (Never use DEXRON !!)
MOPAR Power Steering Fluid : P/N 4318-055
MOPAR A-604 Tightening Silicone : P/N 4318-025
MOPAR A-604 Anti-Foam Additive : P/N 4549-637
Nippon Denso Starter 3.0 L : P/N 4557-284
Main Radiator : P/N 4546-114
Engine Temp. Sensor : P/N 4504-203
Air Filter 3.0 : P/N 4342-800 *see Note 4*
Air Filter 3.0 (alt.) : P/N 4213-583
Crancase Ventilation Filter : P/N 4307-323
P.C.V. Valve : P/N 4459-657
A-604 Oil Filter : P/N 4504-048
A-604 Oil Filter (new) : P/N 4864-505
Engine Oil Filter : P/N 4105-409 *see Note 5*
Fuel Filter : P/N 4443-462
Fuel Filter Pack : P/N 4443-461
Windshield Wiper TriCo 18 : P/N 4389-350
Generator Belt : P/N 4050-715
Headlight Switch LE : P/N 4373-752
Headlight Switch S/SE : P/N 4565-320 *see Note 6*
Spark Plugs 3.0 L : Champion RN12 YC4 *see Note 7*
Print this page - cut this out and go to your dealer to ask for these items - if you dare !

Note 1: These are the vented versions, older headlights are no longer available.

Note 2: The Euro rear lights have yellow flashers and integrated foglight and reverse light. Different wiring than US-models !

Note 3: This wiring is without wires for reverse lights.

Note 4: If you think this filter is a little too expensive (about 35 DM in Germany) you may replace it with the following types:
  • MAHLE LX 259 (that's the one I use)
  • AUDI/VW P/N 049133843
  • MANN No. C 2860
  • KNECHT No. AG 108
  • Soparis No. FPA 3254
The only disadvantage: unlike to the original MOPAR-kit the little filter for the crancase ventilation is not included. The above mentioned filters cost about 25 - 28 DM and are widely available in supermarkets, auto-part markets etc.

Note 5: There are a lot OEM-Filters available from Purolator, MANN, KNECHT, BOSCH and MAHLE. I haven't got the numbers yet, but will bring them later.

Note 6: There are different Light Switches. This one is for cars without 'Traveler'-Computer in the dashboard. The original switch (P/N 4373-752) had an additional contact to dim down the Traveler's display when the headlights are switched ON. This switch doesn't have this extra-contact and the display always light up with maximum intensity - and you have a left-over cable hanging around near the switch ...(but doesn't matter). When my headlights switch had to be replaced I got this one from the workshop - they hadn't looked closer into their micro-films. And because I needed the switch I installed it instead of returning it to them.

Note 7: In Germany they use the Champion RN11 YC4 - unless the (1989) users-manual says RN12 YC4 ! No one in the workshop could tell me why. Most recent answer: "Chrysler ordered to do so !" - but they cannot proove it. Will track this later on, too.

Last Update 30. January 1997
© 1997 by Peter H. Wendt