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  1. The Original: Plymouth Acclaim LX
  2. Small rear view from my car
  3. Small side view from my car
  4. Saratoga Logo on trunk lid (taken from PR-flyer)
    The rear light is an original US-type !
  5. Left front corner of '92 model (taken from a flyer)
    This picture shows the european corner-light dummies !
  6. Speedcontrol buttons in the steering wheel
  7. A-604 gearbox in a cut view (taken from a flyer)
  8. The 3.0/V6 engine from left / above (taken from a flyer)
  9. Export sticker inside left front door (rotated by 90 degrees)
  10. Tire pressure sticker inside left front door
  11. Speedometer closeup
    Metric scale in white outside, miles scale smaller in blue inside
    Early Models -91
  12. Door handle closeup from a 1989-model
  13. European headlight right side, with moist inside
    See the facetted front glass with the 15-degr. sector for asymetric light and the euro dummy sidelights (triangles) which have no function
  14. The V6-sign on the front fenders
  15. Front view of my 1989 Saratoga with grille in body color
  16. Rear view of my 1989 Saratoga
  17. Alu wheels, Mini-Van style, used until 1991
    These wheels were standard on all V6-LE Minivans in Germany between 1989 and 1991.
  18. Type-code sticker in engine compartment (on right dome)
  19. Running wild at 200 km/h after 292.204 km on german autobahn
  20. German numberplate: the wider - the better. For the police.
  21. Lighting test: rear foglights, rear lights and flashers all on
    The flashlight from the camera enlightened the reflectors also.
  22. Switch for front foglights: hard to find in the dark
  23. Radio/Cassette unit with digital clock over
  24. Alu wheels, new style, used on 1992-models
  25. Side flasher repeaters and where they are located
  26. Front grille, chromed, with Saratoga logo, used on 1992-models
  27. Inside engine compartment, locating engine temperature sensor
  28. Front Foglights, disassembled with explanations
  29. Light switch, main, rear foglights with amber light.
    Switch for rear window heater below

Probably there are some more different but -maybe- interesting
pictures on my 'More Pictures Page' ... ?

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