European Rearlights

Euro Rearlights Mini
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European rearlights

Here you can see a backlight of the european Version. It differs a lot from the original US-Version with its unique red glass. We have tri-color backlights because of a general european regulation, which says, that turn-signals and emergency-flashers must have orange light. In addition we have separate built-in foglights. The integrated reverse light is only small - you can't see much with it in the night - but it is better than nothing anyway. Click on the picture to see a larger view of the rearlights along with an explanation which areas are for which purpose.

The backlights come from a US-company named Lescoa - which is also totally unknown here in Germany. No problems with them. I put these pictures here, because there were certain request at me to show them.

Last Update 30. January 1997
© 1997 by Peter H. Wendt