Engine Mounts


The engine mounts: They found out that on the first 100 cars (originally planned for the Canadian market) these mounts were not stable enough to withstand the stress of German traffic and tend to break or wear out very fast. They got replaced a second time shortly before the 110.000 km full-warranty was over.
Since then I had re-adjusted the mounts frequently - when I drive up a hill and go into a right turn while accelerating and hear a irregular knocking sound from the floor/right front I know it is time to re-adjust it again. The engine is 'wandering' a little to the sides until the two rubber-isolated metal parts of the mount meet. Generally it is the right mount which causes the problem.

Workaround: Dave had reported, that there were high-performance engine-mounts available in the US.

My experience: My workshop - confronted with the problem - told me that (at least for the Mini-Van) you could get special parts used on taxi-cabs. I couldn't verify that right now, but track that for the last weeks. The problem: it is hard to get any non-standard part from the US in Germany - if you don't have any 'personal' relation.

The engine mounts have been replaced at 25.000 and 110.000 km (left and right) under warranty and the left engine mount (over the gearbox) has been replaced after I drove over a larger piece of wood in the night at 100 mph. It was broken after this and the entire engine was loose and tilted. Since then I resigned and didn't change them anymore. I try adjusting them from time to time - but generally they are not strong enough.

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Last Update 30. January 1997
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