Hoses From Power Steering

You should check if this applies to your car too: The hydraulic hoses from the power-steering on my car were - maybe - falsely installed. They lay overcrossed and rub against each other. That leads to a deep groove in one of them - with a potential danger that it might loose the hydraulic oil one day, making a great mess and you end up with no power-steering. That also includes possible damage of the pump - which should never run without fluid.

Workaround: I cut two pieces (length about 10 cm) from an old water-hose, whose inner diameter is about the outer diameter of the hydraulic-hoses. Cut this in length, put one of these over each hydraulic-hose and fixed them with nylon type cable-strap on each end. This prevents the hydraulic lines from further damage. It is recommended to check this frequently.

My experience: It helped on my car. I did that some two years ago and the 'protectors' are still in place.

Reports: None at this time

Last Update 30. January 1997
© 1997 by Peter H. Wendt