A Little Excurs About Bulbs

A little excurs about bulbs: The 1989 Chrysler Users Manual (German language) supplied with the car says on page 95 "All bulbs used in the car have either brass- or glass-sockets. Bulbs with aluminium sockets are not legal and may not be used."

Hey - really - when was the last time you saw bulbs with plain brass sockets in your auto-parts shop or supermarket ? I can't remember when. I usually buy my bulbs at my filling station or somewhere in the supermarket in case I need some. Those snap-in glass-socket bulbs are generally no problem, but nearly all the push-and-turn bulbs have sockets, that look like aluminium - but in fact are made out of nickel-plated brass.

Assumed you walk in your local auto-parts supplier store and ask for plain brass-socket bulbs all you will get are strange looks from the guys behind the counter. They will probably get some for you - but on what a price ?

Plain brass bulbs came out of fashion somewhere at the end of the 60s here.
If I need bulbs I don't care what kind of sockets they have. I can see no reason why I should buy expensive bulbs - with plain brass socket - just to keep the original style. And you will need a special sealing grease to prevent them from corrosion. Those alu-style types I usually buy do fine all the way.

Has anyone out there any different experiences about bulbs ?

Last Update 30. January 1997
© 1997 by Peter H. Wendt