People I admire

Martin Luther King
"I Have A Dream"

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Preacher, Fighter, Philosopher
(* 15.01.1929, + 04.04.1968)
Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered when I was not yet eight years old, so it took a while before I realized, how he had made efforts for breaking down the wall of silence between Black and White. Much later I have read and heared in which way he involved himself in the struggle for Human Rights for not only the black people but for all mankind. He was beaten and sent to prison for his aim and the Nobel-Price was just the aedequate for his work. He had a dream, that one, maybe not too far away day people of all kind, race, religion or colour may life beneath each other in peace and harmony. Non-violance, love to all men and fearless acting against all odds were substancial and were the fundamental basis of his philosophy.
I'm nearly sure that he - if it were existing in those days - would have loved the Internet.

"A Brief History Of Time"

Professor Steven W. Hawking
Scientist, Author
Steven W. Hawking
Steven Hawking prooves impressively that a severe illness probably makes people less beauty from outer sight but has no general impact on their intellectual capabilities. He wrote his mayor books when he was already incureable ill and nearly unable to move. With strong efforts and unbendable will to make it through he got himself technical support and with the help of some friends and fellows he looked forward into the future. Compared to him some people look really weak, staying at home with nothing more than an aching shoulder or head.

Michael Schumacher
"The Race Is On"

Michael Schumacher
Racedriver, Formula-1 World-Champion 1994 and 1995
(* 01.03.1969)
Michael Schumacher means to me: the young man whose target is to be successful. He was (until now) two times Formula-1 World-Champion and reached that with continuity, power and training. He is an exceptional driver and he often manages to succeed even in a somewhat hopeless situation or under pretty bad conditions.

"Into The Great Wide Open"

Michael Gorbatschow
Politician, Reformer, Unitor
Michael Gorbatschow
Michael Gorbatschow (I prefer that writing) is the constructor of the 'New Russia' as well as the Initator of the german reunion - disregarded which other politian may claim that role for himself - without him it never came to that. He caused the Fall of the 'Iron Curtain', made the Soviet Union move towards democracy and stood for peoples understandment, peace and international friendship. That he hasn't got the place in todays russia which he honestly earned is an example that russian mentality and nowadays realities are hard to understand for most western europeans. Some things don't run the way they should.

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