My favourite hobby - with which I spend most of my free time - are of course my computers. I have collected quite a lot in the meantime. The most of them are IBM, but also a few pre-historic home-computers.

Want to see a list ? Here it is:

IBMPC Adv. Portable5140 1989
IBMPC G5150 1982
IBMPC Portable XT5155 1983
IBMPC XT5160 1983
IBMPC XT-2865162 1984
IBMPC AT-035170 1984
IBMPS/2 710T TrackPad2523-AY9 1992
IBMPS/2 CL 57-SX Portable8554-G01 1990
IBMPS/2 Mod. 308530-002 1988
IBMPS/2 Mod. 308530-021 1988
IBMPS/2 Mod. 30-2868530-H21 1988
IBMPS/2 Mod. 50Z8550-061 1988
IBMPS/2 Mod. 55-SX8555-X31 1988
IBMPS/2 Mod. 55-SX8555-061 1988
IBM PS/2 Mod. 608560-041 1988
IBM PS/2 Mod. 708570-A21 1988
IBM PS/2 Mod. P708573-031 1989
IBM PS/2 Mod. P708573-061 1989
IBM PS/2 Mod. 808580-041 1988
IBM PS/2 Mod. 808580-071 1988
IBM PS/2 Mod. 808580-111 1988
IBM PS/2 Mod. 808580-A16 1990
IBM PS/2 Mod. 808580-A32 1990
IBM PS/2 Mod. 958595-AKD 1991
IBM PS/2 Mod. 56-SLC29556-0NA 1993
IBM PS/2 Server 859585-0NG 1993
IBM PS/Value Point 16384-M50 1994
Toshiba T-1600 1993
Toshiba T-3200 / 40 1992
Compaq DeskPro 590 1992

ACT Apricot Portable 1983
Sinclair ZX Spectrum 1983
Elan Enterprise 64 1984
Oric Atmos 1983
M.A.I. Basic Four 1979

Some machines exist in several different versions and conditions. I lost the control about my stock in the meantime, since a lot machine have been deactivated and are stored in a storage in another house. Therefore it is a bit complicated to tell, what I have exactly. Some of the machines are lended to friends and relations.

Some of the machines are still used for daily purposes. The 8088 / 8086 and 80286-machines have however been retired - except the Toshiba T-3200, which contains my Eprom Burner card.

For the MCA & PS/2 Enthusiasts I run a particular MCA-specific page. There you could find a lot tips, tricks and instructions for little reworks and - of course - a hell of Adapter Description Files (ADFs). Because I work with MCA-PS/2 since 1987 I had the occasion to collect quite a lot stuff.
In addition I regularly check into the Newsgroup, post my results there and answer questions about any kind of problems with the old PS/2-machines.

Here you can find my PS/2 Enthusiasts Page

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