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Yes - that's me.

This awful picture has been taken some years ago for my Passport. It hasn't been very nice before scanning and hasn't been better after that. A lot contrast and brightness is also lost on the converting and reducing process - and the result is more or less a faint glimpse of how I really look.

Maybe one day I get a better picture as a source.

Until then and in addition I will have to explain what you can not see in the picture above.
I am 1.80 meters tall, weigh about 70 kilogramms, have dark-brown hair and green eyes. No significant marks, scars or tattoos. Just an average male person.
I'm born 13. August 1960 - makes me a typical lion of the 3rd decade - for those of you which have an eye on that astrological and horoscope stuff.

As a child of the Hippie-Aera I used to have very long hair - to annoy my teachers and parents. I can't have them that long as in the late seventies or during the first years of the eighties - but have them longer than my team-mates. And would still have my over 25 Inch long ponytail (like 1987) if there weren't the Company and the Customers ... and the care to keep it all in good condition.

I guess I gave away a lot of my ideals of past years for personal comfort. I wish I had some more attributes of the people I really admire !

Miniatur: Lemgo My birthplace is Lemgo, which is in the Federal State of Northrhine-Westfalia in Germany. A nice little town - follow the link to look at some pictures and get some more information about it.

If you are interested in travelling and plan to come to Germany one day, then you should come to Lemgo and see it all with your own eyes.


She really hates to be photographed Here I caught her with a Polaroid That's the reason for the bad Scan

I'm not married and have no kids. I have a girl-friend Anke and we've been together for over seven years now.

I love her very much although we had only few times to spent together, because she lives and works near Lemgo and I worked five days in Hamburg, which is 250 kilometers off from Lemgo. So we mainly saw us on the weekends.

My profession is computer-technician and because I wanted to spent more time together with my girl I gave up the Hamburg job and took one in the neighborhood. Now Anke and I live together in her parents' house in Lüdenhausen, which is only 10 kilometers off from Lemgo.

Miniatur: Computer

Most of my time I spend with computers of course. I have collected about 20 old IBM computers, from the 1st-series PC-G and XT, Portable-XT, XT-286 over some ATs to the more modern MicroChannel machines. I think, I own a wide variaty of what IBM had produced the last 15 years. Of course all machines are fully functional and some of them are equipped with some very rare features - as far as I could get those parts.

But because computers are main part of my job, they are no longer my hobby. Sure - I do a lot assembling and reparing at home, testing my machines and bring them back to life if neccessary, but the excitement, the fun is over.

I am one of those guys very curios and have teached myself nearly anything of my knowledge autodidactical. I have learned to repair cars, radios and computers only by looking, thinking and trying occasionally.

Miniatur: Cadillac

I'm interested in cars very much - that thing started very early in my life, because we had a mechanic in the neighbourhood which often used to 'take some work at home'.

About ten years ago my friend Roland and I have rented a large barn, where we repaired our own cars and restored and rebuild a number of others, mainly old Opel GTs, which were much wanted those days. We had all the equipment, including tools for the engine-rebuilding and painting, so that it were'nt neccessary to spent a lot of money for external works. We generally did it all alone.

We had to give up that barn, after Roland had a very serious car-accident and was no longer allowed to have a hobby like that. The Landlord wants to have his barn back for his own business and I - in addition - was already working in Hamburg and had only few time and fun being under some wrecky old cars on the Saturdays and Sundays. So we sold all equipment and this interesting part of life was over.

At home I have only a garage for a single car - not much room if you plan - for example - to remove and to repair the engine. My tools back home are just enough to do the usual maintenance of my present car.

Since I made my driving-license in 1978 I owned a number of cars. The main of them are listed in my Picturebook, but of course not all I've ever had. That were too much to list.

What are my other interests ?

I read a lot. Mainly Science-Fiction, but also technical books, about sunken ships, newspapers, illustrates, cartoons, even those papers coming together with medics ... I'm an addicted reader. My average pensum of an average week is about 1000 - 1200 pages. I read while eating (not so good, I know), I read when I'm bored (frequently) and I guess, I would even read while driving, if I could find a method to get the car to find his way alone.

Miniatur: Blues Brothers

The next thing I like is music. Nearly any music, except Opera and Techno. The most I like the Blues - which gets me sometimes, too. I'm not making music by myself, if you leave out that rare moments in a bathtub or while driving dark and lonesome roads somewhere in the middle of the night to keep me awake.

Between 1977 and 1980 I have learned to be a draftsman in architecture and one of my (lesser frequented) hobbies is drawing and painting.
I hate sports - except car-racing, but never planned to be a race-driver. I usually drive like one until the police gets me.

And - not to forget - humour is one thing I like very much. Written (in books) as well as in Cartoons, Comics and films. A man without humour is the poorest individual in the world. Maybe my german-style sort of humour doesn't attract so many people, but I like the black, cynic british humour as well and be able to appreciate a good joke in english, too.

Can you make yourself a picture of me ? No, no, not that from above. I mean: a picture of my personality. Not yet ? Okay - I couldn't do either, if you would give me a list of your hobbies.

If you have questions, corrections, suggestions, jokes ... anything ... mail me. I promise to answer any type of mail. As you might have found out: my english is a certain sort of strange. I guess if you are english-lingual some structures, sentences and phrases must be appear a little unconventional to you. Well - I'm going to make the best out of my capabilities. Correct me, if some passage is too absurd.

Just mail me !

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